Building on the 100-year old experience, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry organizes an international Congress which will provide updated scientific, decision-making and policy-relevant information across a broad array of different forestry, landscape architecture and horticulture, wood science and technology, and ecological engineering in soil and water protection issues and related scientific disciplines. The emphasis will be on state-of-the-art research, which is now telling us about the present and future change within these topics and its implications for policy- and decision-making. Organized to include plenary and breakout sessions covering both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, results from the various sessions will be used in shaping future science priorities and strategies across the Faculty of Forestry activities.


The Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade is the oldest and the highest scientific institution of higher education in the fields of forestry, wood processing, landscape architecture and horticulture and ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection in Serbia. The studies of forestry started on 5th December, 1920 at the Department of Forestry of the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, which means they have a long and rich tradition. Graduate engineers from the Faculty of Forestry have made numerous successful achievements in relevant fields in the country, eminent foreign companies, organizations or they work at famous universities worldwide. The Faculty of Forestry has, as part of its educational program, undergraduate academic studies, specialist and master’s degree academic studies as well as doctoral studies. As part of permanent education, the Faculty organizes knowledge innovations, professional improvement trainings and education of professionals of various specializations.