Suggested hotels are in close proximity to the main venue. You can book the room by direct contact to hotel.

UB Faculty of Forestry is located in the capital city of Serbia – Belgrade.

Banovo Brdo – Part of Belgrade where the Faculty of Forestry is located

Banovo Brdo is located in the Municipality of  Čukarica, 7 km (4.3 mi) away from downtown Belgrade and stretches along both sides of the major traffic and commercial route in this part of the city, the Požeška Street. It is famous for the Urban forest of Košunjak and Ada river island, a recreational area of Belgrade.

Location of the Municipality of Čukarica in Belgrade.

Location of the Faculty of Forestry (Šumarski fakultet) in Kneza Višeslava 1 street (the conjunction with Požeška street).


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Suggested accommodation facilities:

Since Belgrade is a large city for practical reasons it is advisable to stay in the part of the city called Banovo Brdo.

Belgrade – Banovo Brdo Hotels

Hotel Šumadija

Garni – Balkan Hotel

Hotel Trim

Faculty of Forestry guests most often choose to stay in the Šumadija hotel, which is the closest to the Faculty. Sometimes our guests choose The Garni – Balkan Hotel, which is also quite close to the Faculty, and is more affordable than Šumadija. The third hotel, Hotel Trim is about 2 km from the Faculty. It is located in the urban forest, but there is no public transport to this hotel, so in case of tight schedules this may be a problem.

Our guests can also choose to rent apartments via airBnB or In that case, it is advisable to make sure that the location of the flat is Banovo Brdo.